Sorbara Steak House

Great grilled meat – mainly beef

Gallusovo nabrežje 31, Ljubljana, Slovenija
It’s good
Urban and Different
Meat and more
Erik Sorbara

A place for meat in town on the busy promenade

The Sorbara Steak House has a great location, concept and talent, and this applies to both the restaurant and its owner. Erik Sorbara already proved his talent for gastronomy at Restavracija Špajza, located in Ljubljana’s Gornji trg (Upper Square), which was the first restaurant of its kind in the capital that began to help turn Ljubljana into the world-renowned culinary destination that it is today. It is precisely these kind of restaurants that are needed in a city that knows how to embellish its architectural gems. Food, which is more than just ‘eye candy’ for tourists while not being overly exclusive, service, which through hospitality builds friendships, and an ambience that makes every guest feel immediately at home. 



This is a place for meat eaters! The American burgers are served ‘chef’s style’ during the day with added foie gras, while in the evening steaks are cooked to order.

Wine list

wine labels: 60


Gallus’s promenade and a simple dining room beneath the arches