Steakhouse Rožmarin

800°C grilled steak and burgers

Gosposka ulica 8, Maribor, Slovenija
Urban and Different
Meat and more
Jure Zelenik

Steak Rožmarin-style

Steakhouse Rožmarin is different, it’s an ‘in’ and happening place. Of course, as befits a steakhouse, it has pictures of cattle and cuts of beef on the wall, paper menus beneath the plates and 180 gram patties between its burger buns, however, those buns are buttery and baked fresh daily in the in-house bakery, while champagne is the aperitif of choice prior to 10-ounces of golden-yellow prawns or Pata Negra prosciutto and the ‘star of the show’ is the black angus tomahawk steak.



Something for the entire family – take Mum out for a special dinner, take the children for a huge pizza, and for Dad it has to be the double rib-eye steak!


A long group table, benches along the wall inside and out