Chef Jakob Pintar’s tapas snacks made in TaBar’s way

Ribji trg 6, Ljubljana, Slovenija
It’s the best
Creative and Original
Urban and Different
Wine and Food

A long list of small dishes

TaBar, which boasts a long list of small dishes and an even lengthier list of wines, is, like so many of the capital’s bars and restaurants where people sit chatting with full mouths and empty glasses, close to the Ljubljanica river. TaBar, however, unlike others, is not just full but reserved! The tables at TaBar may be small and the chairs firm, but the benches are soft and the guests are happy! In addition to real tapas dishes, TaBar also offers a tasting menu, and, above all, a triple combination of food, wine and sociability. These three combined, result in such a special formula, that nowhere in Ljubljana’s old town can you eat so well.

While blossoms drop down from the linden tree, chef Jakob Pintar is hard at work being as creative as if he worked in a fine dining restaurant. He calls it ‘smart food’, and for guests the ‘smartest’ thing is to relax as much as you can!

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Order wisely, which means ordering as you go along – both in terms of food and wine. Settle back and watch the tourists, feed the sparrows, taste the wines on offer – many of which are not even available in wine bars – relax and socialise with friends in good spirits and whilst savouring chef Jakob Pintar’s finest morsels.


Tasting menu Taizbor Chef Hat

4 courses

26 €

5 courses

30 €

Wine list

Wine labels: 135+
by glass: 90+


Beneath the linden tree in Ljubljana’s Ribji trg and at the long bar in front of the kitchen.


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