Triangel restaurant

Boutique hotel restaurant with a view

Chef: Jon Zupan

Jon Zupan

Boutique with a view

When coming here on holiday, it can be hard to decide which is the most beautiful room and whether to choose a view of the Karavanke or the Julian Alps. Then one must choose between the sunny terrace, which looks out onto a mountain chain, or the warm fireplace, next to which one can always enjoy a good meal. Those who come out of curiosity, because it is attractive, nearby, new and next to the road, are delighted by the chef who cooks his favourite creation in front of guests.

The Triangel’s luxurious rooms alone are sufficient to pamper guests, but be sure to come hungry to the restaurant. Triangel isn’t large, rather it’s a boutique hotel, therefore it hasn’t got a big hotel restaurant, but rather a contemporary one featuring an open kitchen where you can watch the chefs at work.

Together with his assistants, chef Jon Zupan doesn’t conceal anything, rather he reveals easy-going food, local suppliers, chef’s tricks, puffed potato fritters with curd cheese and pumpkin foam, beef salad in brioche with beetroot, black pudding with apple peel and truffles, curd cheese dumplings with mature alpine cheese and hazelnuts, chocolate, apricot and tarragon štruklji and, of course, snow from Mt. Špik.

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Although one searches for this kind of restaurant with a view in every town, we were delighted to find Triangel beneath one of Slovenia’s most beautiful mountains. Particularly so because it offer food so different from the usual tourist menus, and without the crowds of skiiers in Kranjska Gora.


Tasting menu

4 courses

50 €

5 courses

60 €

7 courses

80 €

3 courses (during lunch time)

29 € - 40 €

4 courses (during lunch time)

36 € - 45 €

Wine list

55 wine labels, half wines on the wine list also per glass


A sunny terrace with a view of the mountains, a bright dining room featuring wood, a fireplace and open kitchen, modern rooms and luxury apartments.


Boutique hotel Triangel, with 11 rooms and 4 suites.