Bistro food in a modern Italian way

Cvetkova ulica 21, Murska Sobota, Slovenija
Urban and Different
Meat and more
Global Cuisine
Damir Pintarič

Uno - Gostilna Rajh’s second restaurant

Gostilna Rajh’s Uno restaurant is an exception to the norm whereby there’s barely a top chef in the world who, in addition to their original restaurant, doesn’t have at least one more simple branch, which still offers excellent value and quality – ideal for those with a lower budget. Gostilna Rajh’s ‘number one’, which is actually its ‘number two’ is like a ‘shop window’ in the midst of the city which offers Murska Sobota’s locals what they like on a daily basis and in an urban way with a ‘cherry on the top’.

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Pizzas, pasta, burgers …, but prepared in an experienced restaurant way. Arrive hungry and leave full!

Wine list

wine labels: 40 +
house wine: Steyer


A ‘shop window’ in the centre of the city in which guests feel at home


Gostilna Rajh