Vila Bled

Protocol-free and flavourful in the best known villa in Bled

Cesta svobode 18, Bled, Slovenija
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Gregor Rozman

Protocol-free in a protocol villa

Built by an aristocrat and walled in by a marshal. Yesterday a president sat at this table, the view from which embraces Slovenia’s most beautiful island, while tomorrow a minister from one of the world’s superpowers will take his place at the (same) table. Today, however, the head chef of the best known villa in Bled can be found explaining to you why he topped your pike perch with Atlantic scallops! This is Vila Bled, which was hallowed ground in the past whereas today, despite its ever-present importance, you and I belong there too. Even if you don’t stay the night in one of its large rooms in order to be able to row across to the island in the morning, and if you are not an official, you are invited for lunch with an exceptional view and for the most romantic of dinners. Since it isn’t just about textures and techniques, and mostly definitely not just about protocol, a surprise is in store for you at Vila Bled!

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This is no longer (just) a villa for the select few, but rather a hotel and restaurant for all those who don’t come to Bled (only) for kremšnita (cream slice). Bled isn’t just about the lake, castle and island, Bled is also about its best known villa, which offers all this and more – albeit from a different perspective.


Tasting menu Chef Hat

3 courses

33 €

4 courses

42 €

5 courses

50 €

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sommelier: Matej Nograšek


There is only one such villa in Slovenia with such a view of Bled and with such fine rooms, architecture, terrace and park.


4-star boutique hotel
Cafe Belvedere