Vila Podvin

Uroš Štefelin has taken traditional Gorenjska dishes and created new fine dining

Mošnje 1, Radovljica, Slovenija
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Slovenian cuisine
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New creations of old dishes

The old, which we don’t know how to preserve, and the new, which we don’t know how to create – this is the guiding principle of the challenge that drives chef Uroš Štefelin at Vila Podvin. Dishes such as Kropa žonta would long ago have continued to only contain liver had Uroš not eaten it at his grandma’s house. And locals would have had enough of Gorenjska pork stomach long ago, since it takes so long to cook and one has to wait for winter, if Uroš hadn’t included it in his Slovenian nouvelle cuisine. Then there are tepka pears, which would continue to have only been used in schnapps if it wasn’t for his passion, knowledge and ideas for emphasising and preserving local specialities; nowadays you can try tepka pears with Carniolan sausages for breakfast, with pasta for lunch and with foie gras for dinner.

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Chef Uroš Štefelin doesn’t recreate and revive old dishes but rather creates and invents them in new forms. His grandmother, who was from Kropa, was a chef and would be delighted, even though she might wonder about his new version of žonta – that is until she tried it.


Tasting menu Chef Hat

3 courses

39 €

4 courses

49 €

5 courses

59 €

6 courses

69 €

8 courses

89 €

9 courses

95 €

Lunch menu Chef Hat

3 courses

20 € - 26 €

4 courses

29 €

5 courses

39 €

Wine list

sommelier: Urban Hofbauer
wine labels: 50
house wine: Ivan Fornazarič


An elegant dining room featuring solid wood with an exhibition of paintings; a castle garden and a wooden terrace.


1 Michelin star
JRE Jeunes Restaurateurs member
accommodation, cooking workshops