Zeleni gaj

Mother and son cooking Prekmurje food like at home.

Fokovci 88, Fokovci, Slovenija
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Simply good food

Once upon a time, all restaurants had checked tablecloths, people sat on ramshackle chairs, the food was cooked on a wood-burning stove, alcohol was served out of a cupboard, and mum was in the kitchen and son among the guests. Once upon a time all restaurants were like today’s Zeleni gaj. Nevertheless, Zeleni gaj isn’t an old restaurant!

Even though mum is still in charge of the bread, the fried chicken, parsley and handing out advice, her son doesn’t just do a copy/paste but rather creates. Everything that was old and dates back to grandma’s time – how to make good soup, where the neighbour’s cows should graze, how to stuff peppers, how to slice liver, how long to cook pigs’ ears, how long to roast ribs, why lard is used for frying and oil isn’t only for salad, and how the menu should be written every morning and put in front of the door – has long been gone, hence everything that the son cooks, bakes, smokes, ages and pickles is new – again!

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Since food is no longer cooked like this at home, the first time you visit you certainly won’t succeed in eating everything you’d like to try, therefore you’ll have to come time and again. Be sure to make the calves’ liver among the things you try on your first visit.


beneath the treetops and beside the wood-burning stove


Home-made: Prekmurje ham, meat products, spirits