Domačija Javornik

Beside the Krka river, where most dishes are made of trout but there is a little game too

Krka 27, Krka, Slovenija
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Barbara Kotar Javornik
  • Directions Krka 27, Krka, Slovenija
  • Clock Wednesday - Friday 14.00 - 20.00
  • Clock Saturday - Sunday 12.00 - 20.00
  • Clock Monday - Tuesday closed
  • Phone +386 (0)31 739 771

When you take a fancy to trout!

It is just a short walk to the source of the Krka river, but who would want to go on, since at Domačija Javornik homestead one can not only eat but also bathe, fish, go for a walk, take a lie down, and, by the wooden bridge across the Krka river hold your loved one’s hand across the table with your left hand while with your right hold a spoon over your plate! 

A jug of water with fresh mint is immediately brought to the table, followed by a whole picnic of cold starters, which are made of trout and game. Soups are made using ingredients from the garden, there is enough salad for the whole table, the homemade pasta is warming, then, for the main course, everyone orders the legendary Javornik trout in cornmeal. If you can’t eat any more, they will wrap a sweet pie up for you to take home and instead offer ‘just’ three or four sorbets for dessert. 

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The charm of the dishes is that they aren’t perfect, polished and repeatable. The charm of the ambience is that every time you visit the river, the weather and the anglers are different. When you come, it’s hard to leave; when you eat, it’s hard to stop; when you return, you are not alone. 

Wine list

The wine list features Mavric, Frelih, Korenika and, as is fitting for the homestead of a kayaker, also Molmenti (the Italian Daniele Molmenti won gold at the 2012 Olympic Games in London in wild water kayaking).


On the lawn and the wooden terrace next to the river beneath a spring; in the interior three tables beside the fire


source of the Krka river