Gostilna Pri hribu

Karst-Primorska dishes from the family farm

Povir 66a, Povir, Slovenija
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Milan Perhavec

Bones for gnawing on

The vine trellises in the stone garden are in the shade, and for over 300 years regulars have been sitting beneath them ‘chewing the fat’. There is a large basket of potatoes on the bar, which also has some other goodies from the winter stores, and yellow daffodils brighten up the white tablecloths. Even before you have a chance to peruse the menu, the owner can be heard saying “So, how thirsty are you?!” Of course, the red wine on offer is Teran while the whites are Chardonnay and Malvazia.

It’s a squeeze on the benches and crowded on the chairs, but guests are still arriving. The list of dishes, which is longer than your arm, features everything you could possibly want. You might just have to wait a while for dessert, though, because “Marjana is coming for dessert”. Payment takes place at the bar, where an after-dinner digestif awaits!

Lamb of this kind can only come from the hills, and the roast pork is one of a kind! The flavour is just as it should be, and the meat is perfectly cooked both inside and out. And the bones, well they are worth gnawing at too, whether it’s those from the sea or those from the land!

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It doesn’t matter what you order. What is important is that, whatever you order, you will want to eat it all!


A spacious dining room and four small tables at the bar; the terrace with a vine trellis.


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