Gostilna pri Lešniku

Slovenian food on the edge of the city

Dupleška cesta 49, Maribor, Slovenija
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Slovenian cuisine
Traditional and Contemporary
Zdenka Lešnik

A vegetable garden beside a children’s playground

The Lešnik family has it all. A large restaurant, motel, the VITALspa, a children’s playground, and, above all, a garden! Actually, there are two – a herb garden at one end of the vast estate, and a vegetable garden at the other. After all, a restaurant without a garden that provides vitamins and seasonal produce daily on diners’ plates isn’t a real Slovenian restaurant. Therefore, Lešnik isn’t just a good Maribor restaurant, but rather an even better rural restaurant. It’s not just a restaurant (nor only a motel), but rather the ‘Land of the Lešnik’s!’ Noon is time for a light lunch, a vitality bath in the spa in the afternoon, and sweet dreams in the evening.



What they write is true: “Our garden is our treasure trove. More than 30 kinds of seasonal fruit and vegetables grow there. We cultivate it by hand and with care, so that nature is also satisfied with us. We make bread every morning. We don’t buy pasta. Ice-cream and all our cakes are prepared in our in-house bakery.”

Wine list

sommelier: Milan Gajšek
wine labels: 70


A modern conservatory, a classic dining room, a pub-style bar 


Motel with Spa
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