Gostilna Tonček

Contemporary Prekmurje food

Panonska ulica 27, Beltinci, Slovenija

Today’s Prekmurje cuisine

What does one think when you step into this modern restaurant, located in the centre of the village, with its glass door, chrome lights and chilled salad buffet, with a menu that features everything from the Adriatic Sea to the ocean and from Prekmurje to the Balkans, and the plates feature wavy shapes, the glasses have high stems and the waiters have starched collars…? When in Beltinci, you should leave any prejudices behind! Gostilna Tonček offers the best amuse bouche around. The menu features local specialities such as homemade tünka, Gorice ham, pork crackling, zaseka, beef tongue brawn, and goose liver terrine with homemade apple jam, while the dödole is probably the best in Prekmurje. Gostilna Tonček is a past winner of a sautéed potato festival and offers many dishes featuring meat from the winter slaughter. Oh, and not forgetting the Williams pear in chocolate too!



Gostilna Tonček is a typical rural restaurant next to a motorway that leads elsewhere.                  There are large numbers of such restaurants in Slovenia. However, Gostilna Tonček is totally different because it doesn’t offer what you expect, rather that for which you will return.


Tasting menu Chef Hat

5 courses

40 €

Wine list

wine labels: 40
house wine: Klet Marof


A well-arranged homely roadside restaurant