Gostišče Jurg

Contemporary regional cuisine

Male Rodne 20, Rogaška Slatina, Slovenija
It’s good
Slovenian cuisine
Traditional and Contemporary
Grega Narat

Modernised food in the Kozjansko hills

The waiters are wearing white gloves, the wine is served in long-stemmed glasses and the candleholders are from cut glass. Meanwhile, the clay oven is warm, the ceiling is wooden, and the tempting aroma of homemade buckwheat bread wafts from the bread baskets. Even though Gostišče Jurg is located in the Kozjansko hills above Rogaška Slatina, which without advice from the receptionist would have been difficult to find, there is a whole row of hotel minibuses in front of the restaurant out of which scramble people speaking Russian who head into the warmth of the restaurant. But they aren’t only Russians and not only tourists, Gostišče Jurg has found the recipe to make people turn off the main road!



Rogaška Slatina would be a boring resort – just water, diets, bathing and rest from morning to night – if it wasn’t for Gostišče Jurg. Therefore, quickly call a taxi and set off for a culinary adventure in the nearby hills!


Outside, downstairs, upstairs, hospitable enough to be homely


Accommodotation at Angelina, village Topole; Rogaška Slatina