Hotel Planinka

Ambitious Upper Savinja cuisine

Plac 7, Ljubno ob Savinji, Slovenija
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Luka Peternel

For fishermen, ski jumpers and gourmets

Although you find yourself in the middle of Ljubno, where some years ago this old hotel was closed, and the road to get there is still as narrow, windy and remote as ever, don’t jump to conclusions too quickly and don’t resign yourself to the average.

If there wasn’t so much healthy enterprise in the Savinja valley, then it wouldn’t be the host location of a ski world cup, the river wouldn’t attract anglers from all over the world, and the nearby KLS factory wouldn’t be fitted with such a large number of robots. So, don’t fret over what will be on your plate, rather just enjoy, after all, there are very few such culinary surprises!

Planinka is a hotel for anglers, businesspeople, ski jumpers, and gourmets, and a cake shop for locals too.

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Hotel Planinka’s ‘selection menu’ livens up fly fishing trips, celebrates the signing of a contract, spreads the competitiveness of gastronomy by the Savinja river, and beckons you to visit Ljubno, even at times when there aren’t popular events such as the FIS Ladies Ski Jumping World Cup and the Rafters’ Ball.


Tasting menu Chef Hat

3 courses

33 €

4 courses

41 €

5 courses

49 €

6 courses

57 €

7 courses

66 €

8 courses

75 €

Wine list

sommelier: Tomaž Žerovnik
wine labels: 200+
house wine: Marjan Simčič


Planinka’s new dining room deserves your finest attire.


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