Bistro Grad Štanjel

A wedding with Karst prosciutto in a renovated castle by Komel family

Štanjel 1 a, Štanjel, Slovenija
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A restaurant that is rejuvenating a town

Stanjel is a great place to get married…however, there’s really no need to have to get married (again) in order to come here. Why? Well, because the town is now really coming to life, the castle is being renovated, the restaurant is so ambitious, the family is so hard working, the courtyard is so sandy, the wines, prosciutto, salamis, cheese and – in fact – all the ingredients are so Karst, the table linen is so refined, the dishes are so simple yet elegant, there are always weddings, concerts, trips, tours and views. But that’s not all. You can also learn how to distinguish prosciutto based on its year, the tasting sessions are mixed with juniper, brides experience the best day of their lives here, while walkers tuck into the best risotto of their trip to the Karst, and visitors to Stanjel can experience a long night in the rejuvenated town.

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The Komel family’s decision to move here wasn’t an easy one, since everything was already here where the Karst bora winds caress the prosciutto. The family cook and serve, they dry prosciutto, invest in olives, advise on Karst wines and organise weddings. But now there is also the castle, on which Štanjel is being revived. Therefore, your decision will not be easy. There’s so much to see and taste that you won’t be able to do everything at once. You’ll just have to come again!


Tasting menu (during lunch) Chef Hat

3 courses

35 €

4 courses

45 €

5 courses

50 €

Tasting menu (during dinner) Chef Hat

4 courses

48 €

6 courses

64 €

8 courses

80 €

Wine list

sommelier Tine Žbogar, 200 wine labels
house wine: Colja Vino, Vina Kobal, Posestvo Jazbec


The castle courtyard is a venue for romantic weddings, unforgettable concerts and gourmet feasts. There is a modern wine shop and a wedding hall. The simple dining room boasts a view of the Karst under the castle arches.


Prosciutto production facility Q-Komel

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