Bled Castle Restaurant

Modern Slovenian food with the most beautiful view

Chef: Blaž Demšar

Blaž Demšar

The most beautiful view of the most beautiful lake

Bled Castle is one of Slovenia’s most popular tourist attractions, which every cosmopolitan traveller should visit, attesting to the reputation of Slovenia’s beauty. Why? Because the views from Bled Castle are among the best!

Through the window with surely one of the most beautiful views of any of the country’s restaurants, one can see – and thus also ‘taste’ – the whole country, from the coastal salt pans to the Pannonian lowlands, and from the church on Lake Bled to snow-capped mountain pastures. Tourists from throughout the world are pleasantly surprised, as they don’t get a ‘tourist menu’, as is the case in other similar tourist hotspots (throughout the world), which makes it all the more rewarding, since they come because of the view and stay to savour the gourmet tasting menu.

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In such places, guests aren’t curious because of the food, but rather because of the wonders of the location itself. They come in droves by bus to have photos taken on the castle walls and buy souvenirs in the apiary. But the romantic terrace offers more than one expects!


Tasting menu

4 courses (entrance fee to Bled Castle included)

62 €

6 courses (entrance fee to Bled Castle included)

77 €


2 €

Wine list

sommelier Damjan Širok, 156 wine labels


A castle terrace on the surrounding walls and a large, bright dining room with modern furniture


Castle Cafe and Castle Bee House