Gostilna As

Karst-style cuisine with a personal approach

Čopova ulica 5, Ljubljana, Slovenija
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The best known restaurant in the capital

Gostilna As is like a ladies handbag. Over the road there are as many as you could possibly want, but those are cheap, Gostilna As, however, is priceless! Even though this restaurant has never had a famous chef, it is a restaurant with famous guests, the most famous of which is its boss. The ‘Pope’ – as they call him – and Gostilna As are an institution!

Gostilna As has built its popularity on communication. From the owner, who is always there (in the evenings) and who everyone knows; the waiting team, who always greet every guest using the right name; the daily specials, which are always fresh and from the sea; to the wines, which always have new ‘stories’ to tell.

The ‘Pope’s’ dishes are legendary. Gostilna As’s prosciutto is the best, because the owner carves it himself; the fish is the best, because it is the best that money can buy; the meat is the best, because ‘the Pope’ has already matured it when others would have only just frozen it; and the cakes are the best, because they have been making them for 30 years! And Gostilna As has the best guests too, because they don’t ask, they just pay!

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Gostilna As isn’t about seeking, discovering and creativity, therefore don’t expect to be surprised; you will, however, be happy and content! And Gostilna As isn’t somewhere to go because of the unknown, but rather because of the known; somewhere to be because of the confirmation that you, too, are here!

Wine list

wine labels: 300
sommelier: Svetozar Raspopović
house wine: Milena Raspopović


A noble dining room with white tablecloths


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