Gostilna Čubr

Slovenian cuisine and seafood

Križ 53, Komenda, Slovenija
It’s good
Slovenian cuisine
Traditional and Contemporary
From Rivers and Seas
Luka Potočnik
Anita Potočnik

An owner with tradition, and his wife with creativity

Those at the bar are friends, whilst those beside the wood burning oven are hungry and those in the cellar thirsty. This is a real homestead and a family restaurant, and it has been that way for 80 years. The owner introduces himself bearing bread, while his wife brings sweet curd cheese. Lately the food on offer has been increasingly fish-oriented, however, there are also plenty of other Čubr specialities, which have been created by four generations of the Potočnik family. 



At Gostilna Čubr you can always meet someone at the bar or at your table. For those who even in the Alps can’t live without the sea, the creativity of Gostilna Čubr’s chef offers more than the usual classic dishes, of which there are far too many. And those for whom a visit to a restaurant is a social occasion will find enough reasons to stay longer!


Tasting menu Chef Hat

5 courses

45 € - 55 €

Wine list

sommelier: Miha Potočnik
wine labels: 200


Traditional but with a feeling for detail


Chaîne des Rôtisseurs member