Gostilna pri Mari

Venetian Bacaro at the entrance to Piran

Dantejeva ulica 17, Piran, Slovenija
It’s good
Slovenian cuisine
From Rivers and Seas
Marko Mencinger

Where everyone licks their lips!

There are two kinds of restaurant. The first kind exist so that we can go and get something to eat and drink, while the second exist so that we have even more reasons to visit! The first kind have exotic names, while the second have baptismal names, and in the first we don’t know anyone whereas in the second we know everyone. The first kind have owners, while the second are family-run, and in the first we are merely unknowns whereas in the second we are permanent guests. In order to find the first kind, we need a culinary guide; to find the second, however, we only need our noses, even though above the door there are familiar signs with words such as ‘Chez’ in France, ‘Da’ in Italy and ‘Pri’ in Slovenia – in this case Pri Mari. And Pri Tomažu, as well as his son Marko, who heads up the kitchen.

The essence of Pri Mari is that all around people can be seen and heard enjoying themselves, laughing and enthusing over the food. The garden passage is beneath a wall painted by the village painter, an ideal place for lunch, while for dinner you can sit and gaze at the promenade, with its music, candles, crowds and ‘life’, which is just a few hundred metres away.

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Pri Mari remains faithful to its past – authentic and genuine, whilst almost everywhere else there have been changes. Relax and don’t forget to order the fritto misto – mixed, fried seafood.

Wine list

sommelier: Tomaž Mencinger
wine labels: 40 (mostly local Istrian wines)
house wine: Valter Grbec, Korte


A homely fishing tavern and a narrow garden passage


Piran beach is over the street