Gostišče Draga

archery and the flavours of Gorenjska

Begunje na Gorenjskem 142, Begunje, Slovenija
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The location is idyllic; nearby are the magnificent ruins of Kamen Castle, and you can leave your car and continue on foot to a dozen or so of the most beautiful Gorenjska mountains and mountain pastures, where cattle graze on their own, so be sure to move out of their way when they are heading ‘home’ to sleep in the evening! In the Draga valley you can also try your hand at archery, pick mushrooms, or sleep in the midst of the forest with a view of the surrounding mountain tops. Or just head there from Begunje for a quick ‘escape’. However and whenever you visit, you can be sure of spending a great day there and you certainly won’t leave hungry.

Gostišče Draga offers its own style of homemade food, a large part of which is grown on the family’s farm while other ingredients are sourced from local farms. When you have a farm, forest, mountain pasture and a tradition like this, you need to cook all the bounties so well for guests that they will come to eat popular dishes that will surprise them time and again. Hence, Gostišče Draga is a traditional restaurant that you go to hungry for trout and game but where you stay due to the ice-cream made from smoked trout with avocado, the wild boar with žlikrofi and beetroot, and the Indian desserts made from fried goat’s cheese.

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Frogs legs are among the house specialities, while there is also wild game and trout. The flavours of Slovenia are offered through participation in Taste Radovljica, while archery is available almost on the doorstep.


The dining area in the pavilion is bright, warm and homely.


Sustainability label Slovenia Green Cuisine