Rest and enjoyment

The butterfly, which is in the sign of this restaurant with rooms, is (no longer) because of pasta, although they have a lot of pizzas and a hot oven, but rather because of the ambitious range of fine dishes that go well with Ančka’s growing stock of wine and increasingly luxurious rooms.
This means that locals feel at home at Ančka, there’s a playground and desserts for children, for the young it’s always full, for the modern there’s always something new, for the demanding there are multi-course menus, for locals Ančka is theirs, and for foreigners there are no more borders. There is even wellness at Ančka, while others don’t want to miss out, because it’s all happening at Ančka.

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If you’re hungry, test the chef. If you’re thirsty, take their advice. If you have time, stay the night.


Tasting menu Chef Hat

3 courses

29 €


Modern, from brick walls to an elegant restaurant, from a pizzeria to a wine lounge.


Boutique hotel