Hiša Polonka

Franko’s cult roast beef and Valter’s cheeses

Gregorčičeva ulica 1, Kobarid, Slovenija
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About the blue and pink Hiša - Houses

Hiša Polonka is so popular because it’s so different from Hiša Franko. It’s a place you long to visit the morning after a visit to Hiša Franko, when you wake up full of lasting impressions and unforgettable memories. Hiša Polonka is an acknowledgement that we are all hungry every day, but that once a month we’d also like to be curious. And since not everyone can afford to visit Hiša Franko – not even once per year – we are delighted that we can go to Hiša Polonka every day.

Hiša Polonka exists because Hiša Franko no longer serves its Franko’s cult English roast beef (from 1973). Hiša Polonka is what it is, because nowhere else still cooks real frika from real Tolmin cheese from the milk of cows grazing on high pastures. Hiša Polonka is different, because elsewhere where bruschetta is served it is not topped with alpine curd cheese, and because elsewhere there are never enough walnuts in the štruklji, and nowhere else are there queues outside, and waiting lists for, simple restaurants.

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You can’t make reservations at Hiša Polonka, hence there’s always a queue, but guests are more than happy to wait, since they have three reasons to do so. There’s always a happy atmosphere among those waiting in line, since they are brought a house Feo beer. And when your turn finally comes, you are more than happy to be able to finally sit down! When you eat, you don’t want to stop, since you’ve waited so long, you want to try absolutely everything – which is the correct thing to do, since everything at Hiša Polonka is good.


Bruschetta with mountain cottage cheese and candied tomato

8 €

Franko's English Roastbeef

13 €

Frika - traditional shepard's dish with potato and cheese

12 €

Lamb bakalca with homemade gnochi

12 €

Polonka burger

11 €

Wild boar shank cooked in beer with bread dumpling and green beans

18 €

Trout fillet in herbal sauce and sparkling wine, zucchini, lentil

18 €

Kobarid dumplings

6 €

Wine list

sommelier: Valter Kramar
wine labels: 50+

Valter Kramar is also the owner of the Feo microbrewery, which brews pilsner, pale ale, Indian pale ale, summer ale and stout beers right next to Polonka.


No two chairs are the same, every table is different, none of the walls are straight, all the doors are too narrow and there’s no space anywhere. All of which is proof that simple, old, wooden-built restaurants are the most full, alive, homely and joyous.


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