Hiša Raduha

Bound by tradition and environmentally friendly cuisine by Martina Breznik

Luče 67, Luče, Slovenija
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Traditional and Contemporary
Creative and Original
Journeys and Experiences
Martina Breznik

At one with nature

Hiša Raduha has been a special place for quite some time and, although some locals, the mayor and other bureaucrats find it hard to come to terms with, it is now widely known that it is a first-class holiday destination – from steam baths in treetops to long evenings spent in the old dining room. Grandma’s tablecloths, mother’s štruklji and the hostess’s ability to unite tradition and modernity. As Martina Breznik herself says: “Local, genuine, individual, modern and at one with nature. Because I love shapes, colours, aromas and tastes.”



Martina Breznik has created a new type of Logar Valley cuisine! There was no looking back when she upped her game to international standards. After working on the ‘architecture’ of the food, she then set to work on the architecture of the restaurant itself.


Tasting menu Chef Hat

4 courses

52 €

6 courses

78 €

Wine list

sommelier Filip Breznik
wine labels: 104


Everything else is new, just the dining room remains ‘as was’, but as hospitable and homely as ever


accommodation (treehouses)
JRE Jeunes Restaurateurs member