An Inn that delights

Lesnika is a restaurant that surprises. The service – not only friendly but as it is in the finest restaurant and as it should be; the seating area – beneath a picture of the old restaurant, so you get a feel for how tastefully and respectfully it has been renovated; the food – so much choice that you can’t decide between frogs’ legs or pork shank, pikeperch or octopus, calves’ liver or cheek, saddle of beef or venison, and four, five or six courses.

Lesnika is a restaurant that delights, thanks to its orderliness, attention to detail, hospitableness and range of dishes. The food isn’t just there to look nice on the plate, and not just for smilies, it’s not the prices that bring a smile to one’s face – even though you are happy at the end when you pay the bill. This is honest, authentic food cooked with passion, which reflects both Lesnika and its guests.

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Lesnika isn’t a restaurant one goes to just for a reasonably priced weekend lunch, and also not just for its contemporary take on traditional local dishes, nor just for its business lunches in a special room and at a special price, and not even just for its tasting menu, weddings, birthday and other celebrations. No, Lesnika is a restaurant that one goes to for all these occasions!


Tasting menu Chef Hat

4 courses

45 €

5 courses

50 €

6 courses

55 €

Wine list

very good wine list (80+); most of wines also per glass; all wines for take away


This old building in the central square was renovated in 2018 and is now an attractive and homely restaurant with a terrace, dining room, a room for special occasions, and a cellar.


history, wood, cellar, wine shop