Magnet restaurant

Modern takes on popular dishes now also in Črnuče

Šlandrova 4b, Ljubljana, Slovenija
It’s good
Creative and Original
Urban and Different
Meat and more
Wine and Food
Global Cuisine
Benjamin Romšak

In Črnuče like in Ljubljana

Magnet attracts with its suburban location, the relaxed elegance of the open yet intimate interior, the modern all-day ‘something for everyone’ concept of the restaurant/bistro/café, the energy of the chef, the amuse bouche, and sweet treats from chef’s imagination. When you add into the mix modern takes on popular dishes, which are full of colours, ingredients, techniques and chef’s own touches, its logical that Črnuče once again has the best restaurant, and another one to add to the list of fine dining restaurants in Ljubljana.

Magnet is a place for various occasions – from business to social, from fast (lunches) to slow (tasting). Magnet is in the middle of Črnuče as if it seems to be in the centre of Ljubljana.

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When you sit on Magnet’s stage, the food also acts like a performer. Each dish tries its best to make the most of its moment in the spotlight, to show its best side and not only say as much as it can, but to do so in the shortest time possible.


Tasting menu Chef Hat

5 courses (meat menu)

55 €

5 courses (fish menu)

58 €

Wine list

150 wine labels


To the left a café with a bistro, to the right a restaurant with a chef


bistro and pastry shop