Miza za štiri

Self-styled cuisine from a home kitchen

Mariborska ulica 17, Zgornja Polskava, Slovenija
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Maja Miška Brložnik

A table for 4x4

The smallest restaurant in Slovenia, which has moved from a small apartment in Maribor into a house in Zgornja Polskava, still remains the best among the smallest! All the intimacy, personal, genuine and no-nonsense qualities that it boasted in the small apartment still remain, the only difference is that is has quadrupled in size – by four tables!

The food is more than just different and interesting. The experience of this big kitchen with small tables is that Maja and Jure like to ‘play’ when they are creating, designing and combining, and that they have what a great number don’t – ideas! This first takes imagination, then harmonisation and, finally, realisation. The eating part is the easiest, even though it also requires preparation. Don’t book a table if you aren’t prepared to step out of your comfort zone and you don’t want to learn anything new about food. And while there, don’t forget to write your impressions on the wall, as so many have done before you, and because those who have not yet done so, don’t know how to cook at home!

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Although it has been extended, this is still one of the smallest restaurants in Slovenia, where you can come to visit Maja and Jure ‘at home’. Take this into account and you will eat well and like what you eat!


Tasting menu Chef Hat

5 courses

55 €

7 courses

74 €

9 courses

92 €

Wine list

75 labels from all three Slovenian wine-growing regions and a few labels from France


From a one bedroom apartment to a two-room house; Miza za štiri = Table for Four


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