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Traditional Pohorje food from organic ingredients

Planica 6, Fram, Slovenija
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An organic excursion!

The Pri Baronu homestead is not a place of big portions and even bigger sharing platters. This isn’t one of those places where people have to wait in front of the door to find a free table for Sunday lunch, and it isn’t feeding for the masses which is only popular because of the price!

There’s enough space at Pri Baronu (for 60 people) so guests can move among the tables, bowls and trays and take enough time to look at all the awards and diplomas on the wall, which, since 1991, have been praising this tourist farm. The whole place is full of lacey cushions that soften the hard benches, dried aromatic bunches of flowers on the walls and hanging from the ceiling, and fresh flowers in vases, which entice you outside to see the herb garden and permaculture garden, and to try the farm’s own range of teas, spreads, juices, liqueurs and dried herbs. Of course, there are plenty of animals to see too, as is to be expected; cows, pigs, hens, geese, goats, rabbits, ponies, Vietnamese pigs, cats and the family’s pet dog too!

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From a farm to tourism with a certificate confirming that everything is ‘nature-friendly’! Before leaving for home, full up and satisfied, be sure to visit the shop with its home produced organic products including vegetables, fruit juices, cordials, teas, spreads, sauces, pasta, flour, liqueurs, schnapps and dried meats.


Baron's Seasonal Lunch Chef Hat

4 courses

27 €

5 courses

32 €


benches on the lawn and lace in the dining room


eco homemade products, herb and permaculture garden