Pri Kovačniku

Contemporary and comforting Pohorje food

Planica 9, Planica, Slovenija
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Angelca Štern

Like being at a feast

The door into the kitchen is always open, so it can be seen and smelt. The dining room is full of the young and old – joyful and noisy. Everyone knows everyone here; children play together, while parents eagerly await their food. The tables in the room by the wood-burner are carefully laid, It’s all very homely whilst at the same time the napkins are more fancy than those at a feast, there is more cutlery than is found in numerous places in the valley, and an aperitif is mandatory; take your choice from the tray featuring sage, spruce tip, and blueberry liqueurs, as well as mint juice.

A lot of time has passed since we were last at Planica above Fram. But at the Pri Kovačniku farm on Pohorje, fortunately, not much has changed! It’s still the same (good), because this is the best that can happen to you on a repeat visit to the farm. Of course, the son is still pouring wine, the rabbits have multiplied even more, the plates are even more attractive, the dishes more ambitious, the food even more polished, however, the car park is no bigger, so be sure to call a little in advance.

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Obisk 2018



Stern’s food, bottles, winter stores, homemade remedies, and the Pohorje mountain air feature all that grows in Kovačnik’s herb garden: angelica, strawberries, chives, lovage, fennel, rhubarb, lemon verbena, Helichrysum, southern wormwood, lavender, goldenrods, marshmallow, stonecrops…and another 50 or so herbs. That’s what makes it real (and) homely (Pohorje) food!


Menus Chef Hat

Lunch "Pri Kovačniku"

19 €

Farmer's slaughter feast

20 €

Kick off with teh spoon

6 €

Chopper's snack

8 €

Wine list

wineries: Greif, Črnko, Skuber, Frešer, Mulec, Gönc


Next to the bread oven there is space for smaller gatherings, while the large dining room has ample space for larger groups. In summer it is most enjoyable sitting in front of the house beneath the trellis vine.


homemade fruit juices, jams, teas and sausages; accommodation