Restavracija CUBO

Designer Mediterranean food

Šmartinska cesta 55, Ljubljana, Slovenija
Traditional and Contemporary
Creative and Original
Urban and Different
Wine and Food
Boštjan Trstenjak
Borut Pugelj

Good, talented, well-known, and popular!

Where shall we go? “To Restavracija CUBO!” Why? “Because it has its own car park!” Yes, but we can go by taxi… “I know everyone there!” I, however, don’t… “And they have good wine!” What about if we go for a drive… “And it’s always full!” How will we get a table then? “Hurry up, everyone is already there!” So, you didn’t only invite me? “And they have the best books too!” You mean we are going to read? “And the best desserts!” What are we waiting for? One can always find a reason to visit CUBO. And not only just because of the food!



Restavracija CUBO’s formula has been a success from day one. And it is still the case now, even though many have copied it. Good ingredients, talented chefs, dishes that are familiar to everyone, designer ambience, a private car park and attractive crockery. The pasta is never overcooked, the ingredients are not overworked, and the food is never bland. Restavracija CUBO’s chefs don’t make beginners mistakes. They cook exactly what has been defined and that is exactly what makes this restaurant so popular and keeps it full.


Tasting menu Chef Hat

Evening menu for 2 person (5 courses)

140 €

Wine list

sommelier Matej Mesec
a 400-label wine list on a tablet and a wide selection of wines per glass


Two dining rooms, a room for special occasions, a small garden, plenty of designer features and an urban beat


Michelin Plate
cookbook Cubo sweets and Cubo at home