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Chef’s ‘performance’ beside the most beautiful lake

Cesta svobode 8, Bled, Slovenija
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A rose-coloured experience

The colourful ambience of this rose-coloured hotel beside Lake Bled only lasts until the chef’s ‘performance’ begins. Thereafter, everything is as it should be, with a view of the most beautiful alpine lake, the comfort of a fancy hotel and the tasting of the chef’s promise: ‘We want to be the best in Bled!’ The food on the plate is an experience, because it’s not special due to the impression, luxury and prestige but rather because of its excellence that Bled so desperately needs.

Chef Grega Rozman welcomes guests with whipped bone marrow, vegan olive butter, Gorenjska ricotta and homemade butter made from sour cream. He then continues with cold smoked foie gras or flash fried duck liver with macerated plums on a bed of duck skin breadcrumbs, but not in a competitive way rather in the style of tradition, respect and idealism, which provokes curiosity for savoury dumplings filled with smoked trout, a hot plate with cured bacon and pigs’ brains in chive oil. Welcome to another chef who strives to be only the best!

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Restavracija Rose is in a hotel but isn’t (just) a hotel restaurant. Hence, hotel guests also visit, not due to hunger but rather for the experience. After breakfast in the ‘jungle’, hotel guests like to stay for the evening ‘performance’, which offers the finest food in fine company beside the most beautiful lake in Slovenia. Non-resident guests, meanwhile, are tempted into the extravagant interior out of curiosity about the chef’s ‘performance’. Bled needed Restavracija Rose just like Restavracija Rose needs Bled!


Degustacijski meni Chef Hat

2 hoda

34 €

3 hodi

46 €

4 hodi

52 €

5 hodov

62 €

6 hodov

72 €

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sommelier Gašper Valjavec
160+ vinskih etiket


An extravagant ambience with a jungle, palm trees, Japanese cherry, elegant tableware and a view of the lake.


Bled Rose Hotel****, 78 rooms