Contemporary cuisine from one of the world’s capitals

Stari trg 7, Ljubljana, Slovenija
Creative and Original
Urban and Different
Edin Ahmetović

Cosmopolitan food in a cosmopolitan house

Valvas’or has leather banquettes, small tables, an intimate ambience and award-winning design. Valvas’or has everything that other such ‘sexy’ restaurants have that are hidden away from tourists in the streets of New York, London or Paris. Everyone who passes cannot help but look inside, and everyone who is inside can’t help but look around. This is cosmopolitan fine dining in the birth house of the first Slovenian cosmopolitan. The food comes in small portions with a lot of flavours, which should be enjoyed over several courses, since its not every day that one gets dressed up for such an occasion.

The dining room isn’t huge but there’s enough space to be noticed and to observe its interior, which has to be experienced. And not just because of the house special Valvas’or cake.



Valvas’or is for visitors who haven’t come to stroll along the banks of the Ljubljana river and stay in luxury accommodation but rather to enjoy the refinement, while for locals going about their busy lives, a meal at Valvas’or is the perfect reward!


Tasting menu Chef Hat

4 courses

40 €

5 courses

55 €


Small restaurants like this with large chandeliers, white tablecloths and high stemmed glasses provide a sense of nobility to the tightly packed pedestrian streets of Ljubljana’s old town, and Valvas’or is the most elegant of all.


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