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Črniče 91, Črniče, Slovenija
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Small, black, furry, and good

The sausages aren’t overly heavy or garlicky, but rather sweet and sour at the same time, and served with mash made from kohlrabi and turnips pickled in grapeskins. The cutlet of mangalica pork, which is a more perfect pink than even the best rose wines, is cooked quickly and is so juicy and succulent that one can hardly wait to tuck in, and even the meat on the bone is sweet, tender, aromatic and meaty, while the hand-carved prosciutto, which has a woody and herbal aroma, is so thinly sliced that you can see Sveta Gora (Holy Mountain) through it! It’s not surprising that everyone at this restaurant, which is part of the homestead, is in such good spirits that no one is in a hurry to go anywhere. So, when the owner comes and takes a seat next to you, it’s time to ask him if there are any rooms available, because then there’s no need to leave!

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The lady of the house and her son-in-law reign in the kitchen in rural tradition from Styria to Primorska, while the master of the house and his daughter slice proscuttio and salami and pour Cigoj’s award-winning wine. Meanwhile, their son takes care of regular ‘deliveries’ from the barn and hills to the kitchen of small, black, furry mangalica pigs and large, brown, marbled cows. Therefore, be sure to ask the owners to take you on a tour of the farm and to show you the ‘live menu’!


Tasting menu Chef Hat

4 courses

25 €

6 courses

35 €

Wine list

Winery Cigoj, one of the best in Vipava Valley


Beneath arcades, in the cosy dining room, together with the family


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