Bar Pr’ Mrtinet

Charcoal-fired cooking

Luče 45, Grosuplje, Slovenija
It’s good
Meat and more
Ivan Kastelic

Charcoal-fired food from a barn

Vast cast-iron skillets sit on the wide fireplace on which there is a thick layer of embers and a dome-shaped pile of ash and fresh trout that have been cooking long and slow for hours. Outside there is a volleyball court at the front, a road at the back and in between a new barn. It is time for grilling.



There is an open fireplace beneath the hay, while beneath the embers of the charcoal-fired grill there are calves, kids, lambs and pigs – and even octopus and seafood. There are no other barns in Slovenia on a par with that at Pr’ Mrtinet! It’s not just beautiful but it also smells good too!


Tasting menu Chef Hat

5 courses

35 €

Wine list

wine labels: 38


A beautifully renovated old barn


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