Kangaroo and sweetbreads

Lovely napkins, fabric tablecloths and yellow roses. The brick dining room beneath arches is light and very classy, upstairs the glass bistro is the place for socialising, while downstairs beneath the white arches is where the chef performs. And when it warms up, Bistro Bianca’s terrace beneath maple trees is where it all happens in Velenje!

Breakfast is served at Bistro Bianca until noon, quick lunches with a choice of Indian, Mexican, Thai, Korean, Japanese, American or Mediterranean, then comes dinnertime, when Slovenia’s youngest town slowly starts to awaken… In the evening, Igor Stankovič, who moved to Villa Bianca from Vila Herberstein, recommends savoury potica filled with Carniolan sausage as an hors d’oeuvre, and Prešeren’s figs wrapped in chocolate tempura to end. In between, Stankovič’s seasonal and contrasted recommendations include: venison tartare combined with cuttlefish, a surprising vegetable steak, seasonal vegetable cream poured over marinated vitamins, crown of lamb with a herb croquette sauce, monkfish bathed in a chickpea ragu and coconut milk…However, so word about Bistro Bianca spreads outside of Velenje, you need to try the house speciality of kangaroo meat, to which the chef adds sweetbreads to the mushroom ragu.

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Velenje is Slovenia’s youngest town. Velenje is Slovenia’s biggest coal mining town. Velenje is home to Gorenje and Hisense. And Velenje is also Villa Bianca, because its bistro is the culinary meeting place of Velenje!


Tasting menu Chef Hat

3 courses

20 €

4 courses

27 €

5 courses

34 €

6 courses

41 €


A brick dining room beneath arches; sociable and café-like in the glass bistro; a large terrace with a view


Villa Bianca