Adventurous Istrian cuisine without limits

Letoviška pot 1a, Portorož, Slovenija
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This is from ‘outside the box’!

Even if it wasn’t for the adornments and accoutrements, such as the bird’s nest suspended in the air above the centre of the unlaid tables on which elegant slender boxes contain small eating implements – although it is often best to just hold the food in one’s hands – the Istrian ‘classics’, such as dried and salted cod, pasta, truffles, prosciutto, fleur de sel, olives and olive oil, can be sampled alongside one of the best sea views in Portorož. And with them, this is one of the most beautiful aspects of modern cuisine in Slovenia!

Therefore, these are ‘games without limits’, but they only ‘play’ with the diners, while the chef doesn’t have any limits. This is outside the borders, the templates, customs and habits. This is on the other side of the pigeonhole and it’s certainly from ‘outside the box’. This isn’t (only) about hunger, it is also about the experience. It isn’t only food, it is youth, fearlessness, and ‘craziness’, which, from now on is known as COB!

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COB and Filip Matjaž are not the first to cook up this old wisdom, but they are the youngest who, with such a view (of food) offer guests an adventurous (at the table) and relaxed style (in a refined restaurant) of cuisine ‘without limits’.


Tasting menu Chef Hat

8 courses

95 €

14 courses

150 €

Wine list

The wines accompanying the food are predominantly Malvasia, so there are less reds. All the wines are from the Primorska region, mainly Istria.


A sea view through the treetops and green roof continue into an attractive open-closed terrace. Comfortable sofas, calm and directional lighting, zen-like music and soft whiteness on dark wood.


1 Michelin star
Hotel Tomi
Sustainability label Slovenia Green Cuisine