A great Ljubljana grill!

Trubarjeva cesta 40, Ljubljana, Slovenija
It’s good
Meat and more
Robert Prinčič

The juice of life

Čompa is a Ljubljana ‘professional’ for grilled meat. This small place so close to the old town centre in a street with old-fashioned trade signboards, small snack bars, and plenty of locals sitting, relaxing, smiling and chatting, is a great discovery for tourists and a great place for dinner for locals from near and far.

Čompa is somewhere that makes you think about meat! Somewhere where you learn that bulls and foals also have names, that Krškopolje pigs graze and that prosciuttio hams are hung at home, where the mature meat isn’t vacuum-packed, and where there’s no need to ask how it should be cooked. Because chef Robert Prinčič doesn’t so much grill meat, rather he seals it and gives it a crispy ‘crust’, and he doesn’t slice the meat first but rather later. That is why for big pieces of meat it is necessary to first give it a crispy crust, so that the outside is crispy, while inside the meat remains succulent and soft, but with an aroma of charcoal from the grill, a half centimetre-thick crust and a two centimetre-thick centre, with a Maillard-reaction flavour and the ‘juice of life’.



Čompa is the place for meat! But only if it’s from Bloke or the Velika planina mountain pasture, and if it has been correctly hung for the first phase of maturing and long enough for the second. And only the best meat and that from the best cuts, which is the most suitable at the exact time when it is placed on the grill behind the counter of this small tavern on Trubarjeva cesta (Trubar’s street), in which you can smell and taste the best grilled meat in Ljubljana.


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