DAM restaurant

Modern Mediterranean cuisine by Fakuč

Ulica Vinka Vodopivca 24, Nova Gorica, Slovenia
It’s the best
Creative and Original
From Rivers and Seas
Wine and Food

Boutique-style in the hotel and restaurant

Chef Uroš Fakuč takes to the stage at DAM! He is more kind and polite than shy and modest. He may lack hair on his head but has a modern and well-groomed beard that doesn’t hide his smile. This is a chef who is still young but already responsible, more determined than stubborn, and prefers to be persistent rather than rash. That is why his restaurant is small but has a lot of space. And that is why the ambience is boutique but there is a vegetable garden out back, and why the food is presented so elegantly and the flavours are so distinct. Not to mention that for every course, the chef also comes to the table, but not so he can tell stories, rather that he can see the reaction!

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The monotony of everyday eating and the monopoly of the ever-same taste and boredom at the table is shattered on DAM’s plates and walls. This isn’t just another restaurant that substitutes a lack of ideas with designer ambience and an incomprehensible menu. DAM, in fact, has a chef that also dares to dare. So, if you aren’t just hungry but also curious, leave it to him!


Tasting menu Chef Hat

7 courses

80 €

Accompanying wines

46 €

9 courses

120 €

Accompanying wines

60 €

Wine list

sommelier: Uroš Fakuč
wine labels: 300


Even if you aren’t hungry, come and take a look.


1 Michelin star
JRE Jeunes Restaurateurs member
Boutique Hotel