Homely, modern and golden!

There is a pleasant terrace with a beautiful view next to the banqueting hall, whilst beneath it there is a wine cellar with a gallery of jewellery from precious metal. This is why the slogan of Gostilna Dolinšek, which offers a blend of tradition and modernity, is ‘The pinnacle of gourmet enjoyment’. Wild game is among its specialities; the venison tartare is coated in pumpkin seeds and fried, while the fillet of roe deer is served with cranberry sauce.



Gostilna Dolinšek is a traditional, family and homely restaurant, which also knows how to cook in a modern way and cater for large groups, weddings etc.

Wine list

sommelier: Tadeja Dolinšek


A homely and traditional restaurant with a terrace and space for events and parties