Domačija Firbas

Home cooked food and gibanica cake on bread paddles

Cogetinci 60, Cogetinci, Slovenija
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Marjana Firbas

A homestead on a working farm

There’s no need to go to an (ethnological) museum when this homestead and farm has it all and more, not to mention the delicious aroma (and taste!) of freshly baked gibanica cake and the son of the family who talks with such enthusiasm. People from all over the world come to visit – including city types, who don’t know anything about the countryside, homemade food, and don’t know a cow from a pig! 

Should you choose to stay for a few days, you can spend one night sleeping in the hayloft, where, despite it being hot and the occasional mosquito being encountered, it is nevertheless a great experience, and the next day set off over the meadow with Tom Vinkovič, on an old tractor among the hay bales. Should you choose to stay even longer, you can help out in the garden picking pears and preparing flower beds. It’s never boring at the Firbas homestead! And even if it was to be, they would soon come up with some new and different ideas! A trip on a vintage moped or perhaps a bicycle? Just don’t forget to take a picnic basket with you!



Homemade food at this homestead where Dad is an expert in wood, Mum makes the best gibanica cake, and the son has the gift of the gab! Be sure to book in advance.

Wine list

Bojan Firbas takes care of the range of wines on offer, including wine from Domačija Firbas (the Firbas homestead) and other Styrian wines, as well as homemade pear nectar and Pear William schapps.


In the orchard there is a Finnish bath for romance, next to it there are logs for the fire, there is a bedroom in the hayloft, while in courtyard there is a well and a pail for showering


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