Domačija Šajna

Karst food with heart

Šepulje 4, Šepulje, Slovenija
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Slovenian cuisine
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Vera Šajna

The charm of the Karst encapsulated

Domačija Šajna is also a good place to sleep because the breakfasts in the restaurant are so lavish and homely. Vera always gets up and asks: “Eggs with prosciutto or porcini mushrooms?” She never actually waits for an answer but rather decides herself – both! And if you sit for long enough beneath the mulberry or walnut tree, her two sons return from the gym and head into the kitchen to begin kneading pasta dough for lunch. Then, it’s not that long until dinner, which begins exactly at 6pm at father’s regular stone table. In short, Domačija Šajna is a homestead which you won’t leave for at least three days! And that is precisely the charm of the Karst region! Let’s go on an excursion!



An excellent starting point for an excursion in the Karst region where everything is close – Istria, the coast, Trieste, Venice…and a comfy bed upstairs, while the pasta and štruklji are impossible to resist. However, the absolute highlight is undoubtedly chef Vera’s enthusiasm!


A spacious and shady Karst courtyard which is sheltered from bora winds; an elegant, and interesting antique dining room