Fusion food without limits and rules, with inspiration and ideas

Poštna ulica 1, Maribor, Slovenija
It’s good
Creative and Original
Urban and Different
Wine and Food
Robi Breznik

Who and what is Fudo?

Fudo is urban, yet its provisions are from farms. Fudo is a restaurant, yet everyone goes there for a drink. Fudo is young, yet it isn’t for kids. Fudo is modern, yet it can’t be imitated. There’s only one Fudo, yet all capital cities are full of such ‘fud’ (food)! Fudo is a typical, and at the same time non-typical, Maribor restaurant.

Fudo has a soul, which foreign visitors immediately love, whilst locals can’t pass by without stopping to greet someone.

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On Saturdays Fudo is somewhere you can go for breakfast, because it’s the weekend and you pass it on the way back from the market. It’s somewhere you can go for lunch any day, because there’s always something different on offer and because there are tastes from throughout the world. And Fudo, with its paper tablecloths and wines to accompany the food, is somewhere for dinner where there’s no need to book. You can even just go for a coffee, a drink, something sweet and a chat. Go to Fudo, where, in addition to everything else, you can eat something too!

Wine list

wine labels: 130
34 wines by glass


On the pavement of both Poštna ulica (Post street) and Glavni trg (Main Square) and on the parquet floor with plenty of relaxation