Gaudi & Naan

plant-based food for the soul according to the principles of Ayurveda

Trubarjeva cesta 7, Ljubljana, Slovenija
Veganski užitki
It’s good
Creative and Original
Urban and Different
Vegetables and More
Aleksandra Komasz

A return to roots

When Gaudi’s traditional Western recipes meet with Naan’s warm sun of the East, it doesn’t only mean that you have finally found Mali trg well hidden in the middle of Ljubljana, but that a small restaurant with ‘green’ food, exclusively from plant-based ingredients, has finally found its place in the middle of the greenest capital in Europe. Congratulations Gaudi&Naan!

That’s why Gaudi&Naan is for you, since tourists – of which Ljubljana is full – like to go where it’s different, not the same; for vegetarians, because you love animals, hence you don’t want their substitutes, rather merely plant-based, good food; for meat eaters, because you’ve finally got the opportunity to eat what you’ve always refused to until now and not eat what you’ve never refused in the past; and for gourmets, because in Mali trg you can finally get a tasting menu whose main course doesn’t include a big piece of meat, even though the starter is tartare! In a modern world that is falling to pieces due to animal madness, this pleasant restaurant is returning to its roots!

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An increasing number of people no longer eat meat. An increasing number of people want to eat healthily. An increasing number of people want to eat well. Conversely, however, the complete opposite is going on, since an increasing number of people eat too much meat, eat bad and unhealthy food and are unwilling to expand their horizons food-wise. Since the former are the target guests, Gaudi&Naan is full. And since the latter aren’t, you will love Gaudi&Naan all the more.


Tasting menu Chef Hat

5 courses

34 €

Accompanying wines

14 €


Mali trg has a charm of its own, because its so central and so hidden. A homely and nostalgic dining room beneath arches, full of bottles, wine crates, glasses and the finest tableware, with a retro bar and colourful walls.


plant-based food only