Gostilna Francl

Slovenian cuisine with a sense for ingredients and time

Zagrad 77, Celje, Slovenija
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Traditional and Contemporary
Creative and Original
Vegetables and More

What grandmothers used to cook and time has forgotten

There’s no clue that the town is just a short hop away over the railway line. At Gostilna Francl you are on a farm – some of you might remember how lovely it used to be there in the past. There are too few high-stemmed glasses on the table for those dressed in ties, while for those in high heels the floor isn’t even enough, and mobile phones are drowned out by the sound of the water coming from the fountain in the middle of the garden that is so loud that even the radio can’t be heard! The aroma in the air isn’t perfume but rather fresh savory. If the kitchens of other restaurants in Slovenia were only to cook what they have available every day at home on the table as is the case in Francl’s kitchen, where Peter Zaveršek is the owner and his wife Marija is the creative genius… well, actually they all did once cook that way, however, times have changed and many have already forgotten. And the waiting staff are dressed in national dress too.



At Gostilna Francl traditional food, customs and flavours are preserved with the right ratio of creativity and a real sense for local and quality ingredients. That is why Francl’s cuisine is fresh, youthful, seasonal and simply good!


Tasting menu Chef Hat

3 courses

23 €

4 courses

28 €

5 courses

35 €

Wine list

sommelier: Peter Zaveršek in Toni Frangež
wine labels: 40


A fountain, chestnut tree, linden tree, national dress, a bar, and a homely dining room


Michelin Plate
tradition since 1895