Taste from the clay oven

One sentence is more than enough: Food from the clay oven is ‘at home’ at Gostilna Javornik! There are a lot of rural restaurants in Slovenia, whose car parks are empty during the week based on the number of diners, perhaps because they only know how to do a good Sunday lunch! There are also enough good restaurants in Slovenia that feature a clay oven, although such ovens are generally only used for pizzas. Gostilna Javornik, however, is not among the former or the latter.

Gostilna Javornik’s specialities from the clay oven: sesame rolls with homemade pate, octopus with chard, squid with potatoes and tomatoes, risotto with shellfish, turkey with tomatoes and pepper, veal in a smoked sauce, rumpsteak with horseradish, aubergines au gratin.



Gostilna Javornik is run by experts who have turned an old clay oven into a ‘story’ of contemporary cuisine. Goran Pevec lights the fire early and it stays alight all day, and from Rakovnik, which is located between Sevnica and Šentrupert, the pleasant aroma can be smelt far and wide!


Tasting menu Chef Hat

5 courses

47 €


This once small restaurant now has three dining rooms and a large car park.


clay oven