Gostilna Kunst

Inn at the hotel

Ulica mladinskih del. brigad 1, Leskovec pri Krškem, Slovenija
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Stefan Ledenčan
Milan Jandrič

Restaurant art in a hotel

You come to the hotel but eat in the restaurant. You go into the restaurant then order the tasting menu. You sit by the fireplace, beside a wine barrel or on the hidden terrace, while admiring art on canvas. You came because of the capon but you return because of the Krškopolje pork.

When it comes to the Krškopolje pig, we recommend that black and white beauty on the ceiling of the former disco in Leskovec pri Krškem, as in the restaurant beneath the ceiling you can enjoy a pork T-bone then dream of it while staying overnight in the artists’ rooms.

Kunst is really art – a place with homely food in the restaurant, a motorway hotel with foodie guests; a place where guests come in the morning for a light lunch and in the evening for a tasting menu; and a place where you can exchange capon from the village with Krškopolje pork in the city.

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Transit, hotel and business guests, as well as those celebrating and attending weddings and other events, are delighted by the beautiful tableware, restaurant service, the prestigious and spacious surroundings and die Kunst (German for ‘art’), while local, fast and slow guests and foodies are delighted by the relaxed atmosphere, simplicity, homeliness, Krškopolje pork, capon and Kunst’s hospitality art.


Tasting menu Chef Hat

3 courses

20 € - 27 €

4 courses

31 €

5 courses

34 €

Wine list

sommelier Jurij Klakočar
wine labels: 70


An elegant, homely dining room in the former disco with a large fireplace, wine barrels and artistic pictures. The terrace is lively by day and intimate by night.


Sustainability label Slovenia Green Cuisine