Gostilna Podfarovž

Modernised Vipava tradition

Ulica Ivana Ščeka 2, Vipava, Slovenija
It’s good
Traditional and Contemporary
Wine and Food
Denis Ibrišimović

On the romantic waterside terrace

Beside an old river delta from bygone days, this wooden bridge across the rapids of the Vipava spring pool, next to the Lanthiera mansion, leads to a waterside terrace where the tableware already says: “It’s lovely here”, and the amuse bouche adds: “This is from the garden”. In such a beautiful setting, who could fail to want to listen to everything that can be made from trout, what traditional Vipava dishes are and what they are like when given a modern ‘makeover’, which Vipava wine pairs best with each dish, and why there are so many excellent vintners in the Vipava valley.



Although the ingredients and ideas used are not unusual, thanks to the way its food is cooked and served, accompanied by good local wines, Gostilna Podfarovž is sure to satisfy.


Tasting menu Chef Hat

3 courses

28 €

4 courses

35 €

5 courses

39 €

Wine list

house wine: Jamšek, Manče


A small, homely and elegant dining room; a wooden terrace above a small stream pool