Gostilna Podfarovž

Modern Vipava tradition in Slovenia’s ‘Venice’

Ulica Ivana Ščeka 2, Vipava, Slovenija
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Denis Ibrišimović

A romantic terrace beside the source of the Vipava

Podfarovž is a reward at the end of a walk through old Vipava. Guests first catch sight of the small courtyard with its shady vines and take a rest at the tables laid with white table linen. They discover the romantic terrace beside the source of the Vipava and take a photo with the chef as a memento. This small, homely and pleasant restaurant is a place for socialising, where guests are led into a culinary journey through the Vipava Valley. As you walk up the stairs, you can ‘hide’ among the fine dining menu produced by the former professional footballer turned chef, who knows his wines too.

Podfarovž doesn’t just specialise in trout, from which many a dish is made, but rather the entire Vipava Valley, from which it draws tradition for chef’s ideas, ingredients for new, local dishes, and wine to accompany them.



With its Vipava walnut štruklji, steamed, topped with butter, sugar and breadcrumbs, Podfarovž prepares guests for a further walk through Slovenia’s ‘Venice’ to the seven sources of the Vipava River and its river delta, which is the only one of its kind in Europe.


Tasting menu Chef Hat

3 courses

36 €

4 courses

43 €

5 courses

49 €

6 courses

55 €

Wine list

sommelier Edvin Ličina; a small wine list with an emphasis on local winemakers; 70 wine labels


A wooden terrace above the source of the Vipava River. A small and sociable dining room.


Delta of Vipava river; Lasntieri Castle