Gostilna pri Bizjaku

Gorenjska food for over 200 years

Chef: Tadej Rozman
Chef: Ivo Tikvič

Tadej Rozman

Ivo Tikvič

A genuine Gorenjska restaurant

For over 200 years! Are there any other restaurants in the Gorenjska region, or even in the whole of Slovenia, that have such a long tradition? And are there any others with such a beautiful lawn featuring a duck pond, a wedding pavilion and a children’s playground? Does anyone else serve four types of freshly baked bread every day? Who has such skills when it comes to mushrooms with sweetbreads, salami and špehova (pork crackling potica), krapi (ravioli-like pasta) with curd cheese, and upognjenci (sweet fennel biscuits). Pri Bizjaku is a genuine Gorenjska restaurant – both in terms of family and football – such that mum is beside the stove in the kitchen, in photos next to presidents, and playing football with the boys, while her son – who was a professional footballer – helps her out front among guests.



The change, as a result of which Gostilna Pri Bizjaku is no longer a place for Sunday lunch but rather a wedding venue every Saturday and a glamping holiday destination, has also ‘changed’ the restaurant’s cuisine. Now, when it caters less for day-trippers and more for tourists, its distinctive feature is that, on the whole, it hasn’t changed that much! Gostilna Pri Bizjaku remains faithful to its ingredients and home-cooked food.

Wine list

wine labels: 40


A classic, traditional restaurant; the large garden and pond provide added value


since 1804; glamping