Gostilna pri hrastu

Primorska cuisine with a long tradition and new dishes

Kromberška cesta 2, Nova Gorica, Slovenija
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Tomaž Škvarč

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The wood-burner is alight inside, and there is so much space it matters not that some are in a hurry while others aren’t, and that some are dressed in ties and others in overalls. What does matter is that it is modern, is as a good restaurant should be, and, of course, that it is local and homely.

Although Gostilna pri Hrastu is right next to the road, it is sufficiently obscured, close to but far enough removed from the town, close to the border but not crowded. The restaurant, and its terrace and conservatory, is set beneath a canopy of chestnut trees. At least that was what it was like when we visited. When you visit, however, it is likely to be different, since at Pri Hrastu there’s always something new.

But one thing always remains the same – such a restaurant in such a good location and such a sense of enterprise for hospitality can always be relied upon. One doesn’t visit Gostila pri Hrastu in order to learn something new but rather to have a great meal!

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Top restaurants and excellent inns can be found here, there and everywhere – both close to home and further away for a short excursion – those that we choose for special occasions and for a special experience. Gostilna pri Hrastu, however, is a good restaurant for every day!

Wine list

sommelier: Milan Stjepanović
wine labels: 60
house wine: Edi Simčič


A large covered terrace, conservatory and four dining rooms – from homeliness to elegance