Gostilna Pri Kuklju

Traditional Slovenian food in a ‘festive’ way

Trubarjeva cesta 31, Velike Lašče, Slovenija
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Margareta Damjanič

Kuklju’s potica

Velike Lašče is the birthplace of many a great Slovene, including Fran Levstik, who we have to thank for the Slovenian language as we know it today. And because since 1970 tradition is worth something in the centre of Velike Lašče, at Gostilna pri Kuklju tradition, homeliness and authenticity reign, albeit somewhat differently. Some just go for a drink, others to eat all that is ‘wild’ – from venison to bear – while the third kind of guests treat themselves to everything – goose, duck and pork from the winter slaughter, and the fourth don’t want to go home because they are ‘tasting’.

It’s not enough to just know that a lot of well-known Slovenes hailed from Velike Lašče – Primož Trubar, Fran Levstik, Josip Stritarj, Jože Javoršek – you also need to try Kukelj’s potica which is fresh every day – the pork crackling potica is only available during the koline (winter slaughter) season, the chestnut version only in autumn, the walnut at times of holidays and festivities, and the tarragon potica which is huge!



At Gostilna pri Kuklju they know how to cook the best štruklji and bake the best potica, while the aromas of roast pork and mushroom soup fill the air.


Tasting menu Chef Hat

5 courses

39 €

Wine list

sommelier: Margareta Damjanič
wine labels: 30+
house wine: Ščurek


Elegant table linen in a carefully renovated 300 year-old house; a spacious and homely dining room


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