Gostilna Rakar

Nouvelle Dolenjska cuisine from Rakar’s sommelier

Gorenje Ponikve 8, Trebnje, Slovenija
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Boštjan Rakar

Fresh, simple, local

The rustic dining room is more elegant than those in cities. The hotel may be beside the motorway but it’s also in a village, so much so that the first neighbour is an organic dairy, while the fresh, simple and local food is indisputable proof that the Slovenian culinary revolution didn’t only happen on the basis of porcelain crockery, as everything on it has a fresh origin, simple idea and (not only) local wine.

If after trout with crumbled cheese from the neighbour, oxtail with chanterelle mushrooms and garden pansies, and venison with goat’s curd cheese in elderberry sauce, the experience ends with prosciutto in the wine cellar, it is only to emphasise the difference. Even fine dining can be simple!

Hence there’s always a surprise to be had at Rakar; if you come by motorway, you’ll be surprised how well you will sleep beneath it after so many wine accompaniments; if you come out of curiosity, you’ll be surprised how cosy and typically Dolenjska the food is, which has so many hearts.

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Rakar is for businesspeople and foodies! Because, after an excellent breakfast the next day, the former have to leave quickly, while the latter, following such a fancy restaurant dinner and so long spent exploring the wine cellar, don’t want to leave at all.


Tasting menu Chef Hat

4 courses

45 €

5 courses

60 €

6 courses

75 €

Wine list

sommelier Boštjan Rakar, WSET3
wine labels: 900+


A modern boutique hotel beneath the motorway; an elegant restaurant with an old tavern and family soul


JRE Jeunes Restaurateurs member
Sustainability label Slovenia Green Cuisine